Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cassandra Lynn Williamson

Cassandra Lynn Williamson
November 23, 1995 - July 26, 2002
Cassandra Lynn Williamson was six years old when she passed away. Her nick-name was Casey, and many people called her that. She liked riding her bicycle with other children in her neighborhood. Casey was last seen alive wearing her only her nightgown. She was barefoot. She was getting a piggyback ride from a man. He was taking her down the street. It is believed that Cassandra went with this man willingly. The police charged Johnny Johnson with Cassandra's murder. Johnny Johnson was a twenty-four year old homeless man who was from the area. He was charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, armed criminal action and attempted forcible rape in the killing. The preliminary findings from an autopsy showed that Casey died from blows to the head. Johnny Johnson had spent the previous night in Casey's home with her family. He told investigators that the abduction was planned, and that Casey trusted him. Shortly after she went missing, Casey's body was found in the ruins of a glass factory less than a mile from her home. A neighbor who had helped search for Cassandra had a six year old son who played with her. The little boy asked "Can I still play with Casey even though she's in Heaven?"

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